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All shippingg is Done from our Pune store and warehouse. Detailed shipment dates and tracking numbers will be sent to the email address provided at time of order. Shipping times vary depending on what state you are located in and the carrier that is used to ship your package. You can expect a delivery within 4-10 business days of shipment leaving. In case of remote/difficult to serve areas, expect a delivery within 10-12 business days.
Orders are shipped within 3 days from receiving order (unless otherwise specified) and tracking details updated one day after that.
As a general practice always check your courier package for any tampering or damage before you sign the POD receipt. In case there is a problem please don't accept the package or sign the POD and let us know the Name / Phone number of the person delivering the package.
Red Ash Designs is not liable for any delay in delivery by the courier company / postal authorities and only guarantees to hand over the consignment to the courier company or postal authorities
Red Ash Designs is in no way responsible for any damage to the order while in transit to the buyer.

Viewing & tracking orders

You can check & track your order from your order number or the concignment number as per the courier company.

Payment, Pricing & Ordering

We have reserves the right to refuse any order.
Catalogue pricing cannot be guaranteed as prices are subject to change based upon manufacturer price increases and market changes. We will not be responsible for errors in displaying incorrect pricing.
We often modify our website and modify settings on our server to improve and speed up your shopping experience. As such, sometimes these changes will lead to erroneous information about availability, colour, sizing, prices, etc. being posted on our website incorrectly for a short period of time. Red Ash Designs will not honour orders placed with incorrect information in regards to sizing, availability, pricing, etc. We will immediately cancel the order, refund the funds and notify you of the situation and work to get it resolved as quickly as possible.
Any duties, taxes, levies charged by local bodies/corporations are to be payable by customer.
There may be times when a customer places an order but product is out of stock. In such a scenario, we will intimate the customer accordingly using email id and/or phone number provided by customer and initiate refund within 3 days.

Returns & Replacements

Any kind of refund will be given in the form of store credit. NO cash/credit/cheque/Demand draft refund request will be entertained.
If any Wrong size, wrong colour - No Problem!
If there was mistake from our side (i.e. wrong size and/or wrong colour delivered) in the product that you received, we will bear the return shipping charges (not exceeding the shipping charges charged at the time of sale) and re-shipping charges.
If you made a mistake while placing the order and received a product that you wish to replace, then Worry Not! we will facilitate the replacement. You will need to bear the return shipping charges and re-shipping charges.
Return new, unused items to us within 8 days of receipt and receive a refund in the form of store credit. Shipping fees (if any), duties, taxes are non-refundable. Items which have been used or installed on your bike will not be accepted for refund / replacement.
Returns/Replacements must include all tags, packaging and be shipped in a sturdy shipping box. Do not use the manufacturer box as the shipping box. Items received that do not meet these criteria will not be accepted and will be sent back to you.


We deliver all of our new products with the standard factory warranty.You can only claim the warranty as per the decribed period & term mentioned or given by the company.
So in case you have a malfunction with a product -within this period or after- please do not hesitate to contact us.
We always strive to find an appropriate solution.
You can contact us by email at
Besides that we are available by phone during the opening hours of the shop at the number mentioned in our contacts
Most of the electrical item and products without mentioned warranty will not be provided any warranty by the Red Ash Designs

Sizing a motor cycle helmet

Measuring for motorcycle helmet size is as simple as looking for a good fitted hat. The difference is in how the helmet fits over the rider's head. The best tool for this is a seamstress or tailor's tape measure. It is flexible enough to wrap around the rider's skull and marked in useful increments for determining an accurate size. Use it to find which size of helmet suits you:

Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of the head - this will be just above the ears and about a half-inch above the eyebrows for most - and take the measurement at the forehead. To get the most accurate measure, have a friend help with this step. Take the measurement and compare to the size chart on the page for the desired motorcycle helmet (you might have to scroll down). Each manufacturer has sizing which is specific to its own models, so only rely on the size chart produced for the motorcycle helmet being considered.

Some variance occurs, even between different models from the same manufacturer, which is why Red Ash Designs offers a "Free First Exchange" program if your helmet does not fit properly.

Helmet Fit

When a new helmet is first worn, it should actually be slightly tight, with the interior coming into contact with most of the head, but not so restrictive that it causes any pain. There should be no "hot spots" - places where the helmet's interior puts pressure on specific points of the skull or face - but it should not move around freely. With time, a helmet adjusts to match the shape of the rider's head as it is worn, "breaks-in" and loosens a little. However, it should never become loose enough to easily turn from side to side.

Put the helmet on - it should be a little tight as it goes on over the head.

The helmet should sit on the head evenly with the eye port's upper edge just above the eyebrows and offer good peripheral vision to see side-to-side.

Put a finger between the helmet interior and the head. If it easily fits, try a smaller size. Some helmet models allow a change in the cheek pads for better fitment, so consider this when checking for proper sizing.

Finally, when deciding on a helmet style - it's mostly up to personal choice for color, patterns and shield tint but remember the brighter and easier to see a helmet the more likely drivers spot a rider. The face shield should not obscure the rider's vision in any way and tinted visors should only be used for sunny days.


A well-fitting motorcycle helmet contributes to a safer and more comfortable ride. If the helmet does not fit right, it can cause pain which often leads to dangerous distractions, and it may not completely protect the rider's head in a crash. Therefore, finding a motorcycle helmet which fits the rider correctly is very important to the helmet's twin missions of comfort and safety. Spend enough time finding the right helmet and you will find that the helmet almost disappears while wearing and yet it is right where it needs to be should the ride go wrong. Be smart. Be safe. Ride with a correctly sized motorcycle helmet and enjoy the road for years to come.